Refinishing Existing Cabinets

Extensive Knowledge and Skill

As a painting contractor who has specialized in very high end cabinet custom finishes for many years we believe our extensive knowledge of different cabinet coatings, both old and new, really helps us to determine what is the absolute best coating to put over your existing finish or if the old finish must be removed in order to correctly refinish the surface(s). Many old coatings will simply not accept certain types of new coatings without causing eventual delaminating or fracturing of the old coating , sometimes taking weeks or months to happen. By then your painting contractor is long gone and you may or may not be able to even remedy the situation without replacing the cabinets entirely. Many times we will recommend removing the old clear coats and apply new coats vs. recoating over the old so you truly have a brand new finish that will last for many years to come. Although there are cheaper alternatives out there, generally these are shaded waterborne coatings that have a very short life span in comparison to a new high quality cabinet grade finish.